Sunrise Diner: 5031 New Jesup Hwy, Brunswick, GA

SHE SAID: I cannot believe I have not written my piece about my most-favoritest-place-in-the-world-diner: Sunrise Diner.

Sunrise Diner is just around the corner from us. We walk there frequently. Walking is almost a necessity to help all the food settle so we can sit more comfortably once we get home. Truly! They know how to feed ya.

And you will want to eat there, any chance you get, any time. Well, anytime they are open. It is a regular meetin’ place for us and our family and friends.

Hours: They are open 6 days a week from 7 AM until 9 PM with a couple of exceptions. They are closed on Tuesdays so their loyal staff can Take Care of their own Business. Makes sense to me. I don’t know how people can TCB when their only days off are Saturdays and Sundays. But I digress. That’s a post for LessonsFromTheHorsesMouth. They also close early on Sundays. Make sure you call before you visit. 912-261-8787. It is locally owned and, like it is in so many areas, there might not be enough people to properly staff the kitchen and wait tables at rare times. (Not from the job shortage. The people that want to work shortage.)

People, Food, and Atmosphere. Those three things will make or break your restaurant, in my opinion.

PEOPLE who work at Sunrise descriptors:

Friendly faces.
Knowledgeable about the menu (and cooks!).
On Top of your Service.
Respectful and Jolly.

And I’m not just talking about one or two servers or hosts or managers. The entire staff checks off those boxes.

I must insert a general comment here. As a customer, I like to act like a guest in their dining room or kitchen. The host serves the guest in kindness, giving respite for a weary or hungry traveler. (Or, y’all be catching up and joking.) At any rate, the vibe is mutually respectful and is loving in its purest form.

I cannot believe how rude some customers are and expect the service staff to just take it, like it, and offer themselves up for more. I’m sure you’ve witnessed these types of customers. Then they leave a poor tip or nothing or give bad Yelp reviews.

I raised my kids better. They show respect for everyone or leave them alone. Maybe what my grandma told me stuck. “If you can’t say something good about someone, don’t say anything at all.” Words to live by.

I feel like I need to make up for the dunderheads that the wait staff must deal with at times. No wonder there are horror stories about stuff that happens to your food.

But I digress. The staff at Sunrise Diner are amazing. All of them. Sure, we have our favorites, but I cannot choose right now. I love them all. Maybe one day I will list them and share their photos. Yeah! Do a photo shoot at Sunrise Café. That would be a fun addition to this page!

Next up: The FOOD

I have not had any meal served to me that I would not have again. Well, maybe one menu item but it could have been my taste buds that day because one of my kids ordered it on another day and it looked amazing. I have my favorite menu items: Chicken Fried Steak and Meatloaf top the list. Their Burgers are fully filling and magical with flavor. Coffee is never-ending. Breakfast is always a good option and is served any time they are open. The menu ranges from eggs to waffles to pancakes and crepe′s, to omelets with breakfast meats and any combination you desire. There is an “over-55” menu section that is simply smaller servings than the main menu items. After 4 PM the supper menu includes Hibachi menu items from the locally famous Tokyo Joe’s Japanese Steakhouse that, sadly, is no longer open but the Chef is still active.

The cooks at Sunrise can be called culinary artists when it comes to a solid all-American meal. Portions are plentiful. We usually take half of our meal home but that is just a portion control diet thing we’re doing now. I used-to-could eat the entire serving but after halving our plates from the onset to take half home, I am hard pressed to clear my plate most days. It’s just so good I want to lick the plate.


When I first returned to Brunswick, an International House of Pancakes operated where Sunrise now resides. Sunrise has been at this location for 15 years, opening a few months after IHOP closed. The story I heard (True or not, I do not know. This is what an employee told me years ago.) was that Sunrise was the original diner. The owners took on an IHOP franchise and when recurring fees kept climbing they closed that adventure, retained the building, returned what was IHOPs and reopened as Sunrise with the same Sunrise quality. I am so glad they are still operating like a local family restaurant. I like an IHOP but Sunrise beats them, forks down.

The thing is, this place is clean and fresh and smells like grandma’s kitchen. Well, my grandma’s kitchen anyway. Always yummy. There are no funky old carpet, wet dog smells like I get in the local Olive Garden. (They’re next on my chopping block.)

If there is a large crowd the waiting area can seat a dozen people closely or there is covered waiting outside with a couple benches. Many restaurants in the area have no cover for people waiting outside. I think that should be required. Protection from the intense sun and typical rain would help to make waiting a better experience. Maybe they would be nicer by the time they were seated.

Overall, I give Sunrise an A+ for the People, Food, and Atmosphere.

HE SAID:  She sure can lay it out there. And I second her opinion of Sunrise Diner.  Always a pleasant visit,  food is,  hot, fresh, and delicious. Have to share a delight, Sausage Gravy as an option for anything,  with Sausage Gravy on the side.  Yummmmm..

One last comment.  They used to have the mostest scrumptious home made desserts,  Pies and Cakes served with ice cream. Another Yummmmmm. Hoping one day they can bring them back.

Thankyou, Sunrise Family

Flo and Steve

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