A Whale of a tale!


We’ll be covering 4 visits in this post. (Yep, that’s how much we like it)

First trip

We were looking for a new place for karaoke that served supper. A Facebook post shared that Starlin Entertainment would be at a new place called Fish Tails that particular evening at 7 PM. Of course, I had to look up the location and discovered that we knew exactly where to find it. Fish Tails is at an RV park that used to be a KOA. That park used to have an awesome buffet called Fran’s. Fran’s is gone but not forgotten and has been replaced by this new restaurant that I have high hopes for. We have been there three times in the past 10 days!

Fish Tails is located on Hwy 303 near the intersection of Hwys 17 & 82. We got there about 6 PM to chow down before the festivities of Karaoke. I identified three sections for dining. The one in the center had a couple high tables, a couple regular dining tables, and a bar in the center section. One side, I figured, was for those that just wanted to chow down and leave. There were both booths and tables in that section. The other side promised entertainment. Only dining tables there but the center table was a large round one that could seat about 8 guests. I deduced that was the entertainment section because one corner was devoid of tables and the space was large enough to accommodate a band. We sat ourselves at a table for four near that area.

While we waited for our dinner salads the DJ started setting up and a huge speaker was placed facing our table. We moved to a different table (for 3) once we realized this and did not want our eardrums blasted out. Since it was just the two of us, it was more than accommodating.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your bladder capacity, it was right next to the bathrooms. I’ll get to that in a minute.

The décor is beachy and mermaidy. It was clean and fresh and well-kept real plants added to the hominess. The staff members were friendly and knowledgeable about the food, and drinks, which is something I find appealing. If the wait staff knows and can describe and recommend a meal I take for granted that they have tried the dishes and I shoulder the responsibility if I have assumed too much. Of note was the pallet ceiling! Clever and esthetically pleasing, incorporating the vibe of catering to the working class with a little bit of country. My kind of place. Lighting was very good too. Nothing too bright but with enough lumens to light the menu and surroundings without glare.

I ordered the Entre Salad and had it topped with a steak, medium. We didn’t have to wait long. We were given all the utensils we would need and didn’t have to ask for anything. That is an accomplishment after some of the places we’ve eaten.

I will admit, I had to get acclimated to the slanted bowl. I’d never seen such a thing but a little research showed me that they were fairly common. Classy. The salad was fresh lettuce with tomato and grated cheese but the steak on top? Fabulous! Cooked to a perfect medium. Reddish pink center and perfectly seared on both sides. Tender. Juicy. And plenty of it. Maximum Flavor was there! While my mouth was having a party, I did my happy dance in my seat while I ate. Highly recommend this dish, especially if you’re keeping it light.

Now, for the bathroom. I loved the décor. Small, 2 stalls, but Pure country. The lower walls were painted a grayish, cornflower blue, and the upper walls white. The problem was the smell. My first trip in I just thought someone had stomach issues but the second trip made me inspect closer. There was a higher toilet in the “accessible” stall but no handrails and it might have been a bit tight. Not exactly wheelchair accessible. Along the baseboard area, you could see where the wall may have been painted over damp sheetrock as it was a bit buckled and bubbled. I knew we were in a “country” area and subject to wells that produced sulfur water so the “fragrance” could be attributed to that and I could accept that moderate annoyance. Visitors who are not familiar with sulfur water might think that there was a septic problem. Might still be. I reserve a final judgement (or judgment; your choice on the spelling) until next time cuz I will definitely be back for the food and service.

Karaoke started and the rest is history. We met up with some old friends and made some new ones. Y’all must make a visit on Wednesday nights and join the party.


Our first visit was on a Thursday. We went back the following Wednesday for the regular Karaoke night. We got there just before 7 PM and the place was packed. I think we got the last slot in the parking lot. People were parked in the grass. The restaurant was just about filled to capacity. We got the last table, a high top for two. People behind us were now waiting in line.

Wednesday is 50cent wing night. This trip I tried the wings and got a side of waffled sweet potato fries. I have never had such light, crisp sweet potato fries. They have a secret drizzle, spicy honey sauce, they use that is amazing and doesn’t soggy up the fries. It is a bit spicy. Maybe like a mild buffalo sauce heat. I have no complaints about the fries and will get them again.  The wings were nicely sized, and you can order ‘flats only’ if that is your preference. Only a few places will do that. They were not crispy and were a bit on the tuff side. I did order them nekked but expected at least a little seasoning. I probably will try again on another day but if this was my only chance, I wouldn’t recommend them. Maybe they were turning them out so fast (Nearly every table had wings) they couldn’t guarantee the same quality every time. If that’s the case, though, and they have wing night every Wednesday, I would think a method to do them right would be in order. Wings? No thanks.

Ah! the bathroom. Wasn’t as funky smelling as last trip. Maybe there was more flushing going on?


Breakfast served all day!!

Since I am a steak lover (and the last one was soooo good!) I ordered the sirloin steak and eggs plate.
I was a happy camper. I love when the fried eggs have the crispy edges. I also got grits, of course. Ain’t gonna lie. I tried to finish but ended up taking home enough for lunch the next day. Very pleased with the breakfast fare. We got the same server as our last two suppers. Very efficient.


Toad ya we liked the place. And this time we brought a guest.

This time I ordered the ribs. O-M-G!!! Yes! YeS!! YES!!! Perfectly done. Fall off the bone tender. Seasoned perfectly. I can say more but let’s move on to the service. I am thinking, hoping, that our server was still in training. I hadn’t seen her before. It took a little longer to get our food and there were much fewer people in the restaurant. Several open tables about 6:15 PM.

We didn’t get our sides when our main course was delivered. The server didn’t seem aware that something was missing until I asked and then she only brought one order of sweet potato fries instead of two. The order I got was drenched in the special sauce instead of drizzled like last time, making them soggy. At least the ones on top were soggy. The ones underneath were just ok. Our guest finally got her order but requested it with no sauce. They had also changed the plates to metal trays like they serve at Buffalo Wild Wings. This was ok too.

Anyway. Fish Tails has some growing to do as they are only a few months old, and I am hoping this was a hiccup and not a downward trend. It’s just kind of embarrasing when I brag so highly about a place to someone, bring them along, then get disappointed.

Let’s hear the other half of the review. I haven’t seen it yet.


Fishtails Brunswick Ga.

 at RV Campground on Rt.303

1st Visit,

A Thursday Night,  for Karaoke.

I had an Entree Salad, With Fried Chicken.

It was served in a different Bowl,  Shaped higher in the back,  low in the front. (She interrupts: It could have been higher on one side than the other too! Teehee!)

Salad was absolutely Fresh and Crisp, The Fried chicken was Perfect,  moist, and of course,  Fried.

Waitress was  Deborah,  Courteous, Helpful.

Great Time,  Great Food,  Great Waitress.

2nd Visit

For Karaoke

I ordered The Bourbon BBQ Ribs,  I forget what else.

Those Ribs had so much meat on them,  that I had to take Half of them home.

They served 6 or 7 Ribs,  and I was full with half the ribs,  Excellent  Taste,  and Literally,  Falling off  The Bone.

3rd Visit

For Breakfast,

Ordered  Eggs over Medium,  Bacon,  and Grits and Coffee

Gonna  Be truthful.

The Eggs were overcooked,  kinda  Fried Crispy around the edge.

The Bacon was a little odd looking,  and had a large amount of fat.

The Grits were watery,  not tight like I am used to.

The Coffee,  1st cup  wasn’t  hot,  and was very weak.

                    2nd  cup  was hot and a little stronger.

Waitress again was Deborah,  very courteous,   helpful.

4th Visit to  Fishtails Restaurant

Again on Wed nite for Karaoke

Ordered  the Yuengling  Battered  Fish ,  Hand cut  Potato Chips, and Green Beans

The Fish was a long Filet,  Very Nice. enjoyed it.

The hand cut Chips were made in their kitchen,  Wonderful, Fresh.

And the Green Beans were nice as well.

Looking forward to trying something new ,  next  Wednesday  Nite.

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