For the next week or so we are doing a bit of traveling. As we do in our hometown of Brunswick, GA, we love to visit local eateries. Some are exclusive to the town and some are chains that embrace the hometown flair.

Currently, we are in the Reno/Sparks area of Nevada. The last time we visited, Steve was introduced to Red Robin…Yumm!!! So, of course, a dinner was planned at the scene of the Red Robin crime. We were looking forward to the Bottomless fries and discovered that they also had Bottomless sweet potato fries! We ordered each of them.

I wanted the Gourmet Cheeseburger with added bacon. (If you know me, you know about my affair with bacon.) The server recommended I just order the Bacon Cheeseburger and add all the fixings of the Gourmet. Whatever works. Steve ordered the Crispy Fried Chicken sandwich. I also got a house margarita that was pretty good. Steve had a Blue Moon.

As we waited for our sandwiches, the fries began showing up and the dishes never seemed to get empty, or if they did get drained it wasn’t long before a fresh batch was presented. This service included the sweet potato fries. I tasted that southern staple cooked in Nevada and, although they weren’t terrible, they didn’t quite meet the crisp, soft-centered sweet potato fries we were used to. They were thinner and crispier, let’s say crunchy. The steak fries, however, were amaZing! They had a dipping sauce concoction that was like BBQ sauce and ranch mixed in just-right proportions. I was wearing a white shirt so you know I took some home with me!

The sandwiches arrived. Mine was really good; not as juicy as I recalled but the flavor was magnificent. Steve said his chicken sandwich was good. He just didn’t care for the sweet potato fries.

The service was exceptional! All team members assured we had a pleasant experience.

He Said:

See above.

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