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Mack’s BBQ, Sterling, GA

This visit was not my first encounter with Mack’s. Service has always been good. Food is usually good. If you are into having all your veggies dipped in batter and deep fried, this is the place for you! Except for the sweet potato fries. They are just fried naked. Normally, I love deep-fried veggies, too! Sometimes, I have noticed here, the batter is a bit much, especially if the veggie is cut a bit thin. The veggies, all of them, were heavily coated tonight. Even the regular French fries are coated but not alot.

I had the fried mushrooms and sweet potato fries to accompany my half rack of ribs. Let me point out that “half-rack” is off the menu. They list a pork rib plate, but the server said you only get 4, maybe 5 ribs. A half rack will get you 6 or 7 ribs. I was drooling for the thick, tender, bone-in ribs I had had in the past.

My plate of ribs was served. Thick and juicy and tender they looked but when I looked at the half rack plate my partner was served I could not let it stand. I traded plates with him. He would have had a conniption. The ribs I relieved my partner of were much darker and had a black crust on them. This was different. I took a bite out of one and it was, without a doubt, chard and a bit tough, as overdone ribs tend to get. Not wanting to be a bother but truly disappointed in my charred ribs, I asked the server if this plate of ribs was all they had. (I knew it wasn’t because my dinner partner now had the better of the two plates)

Her comment was that she looked at the ribs and thought about changing it but got distracted putting out the food for the rest of our party (of 5). Without hesitation or attitude and with an apology, she took the plate back to the kitchen. A reasonable few minutes later she brought piping hot ribs to me that were of the quality I had come to know of this establishment.

Pricewise, the cost was about average for a barbeque establishment.

I must mention their iced tea. I get mine unsweetened and sometimes add a packet of Splenda. This glass of tea was exceptional without any sweetener. I know. Georgia. Sweet tea is a staple but sugar does not agree with my gastrointestinal system. All of you that require abstinence from sugar will enjoy the rich tea served at Mack’s. At least tonight’s tea was excellent.

My rating for tonight’s dinner is 7/10 just because we were served toasted ribs. It was corrected but should not have been served from the start. Also because of the excessive batter on the veggies. Maybe I wasn’t in the mood for so much batter and maybe it would have been acceptable if the batter had some flavor but it did not.

I would have a meal here again but not anytime soon.




Half Slab of Pork Ribs,   Two sides.  and Budweiser


A pound of Ribs,  6 or 7 Ribs,  Sweet Potatoe Fries,  and Fried Squash.


Cold Budweiser,  in the Bottle,  Yumm

Ok Ribs, with more Bone than Meat.

Sweet Potatoe Fries,  didn’t care for the coating, kind of puffed up, like an oriental batter.

Fried Squash, same coating,  didn’t care for it,  The Squash was very good, under the odd coating.

Terrible Heartburn,  Up at 1:30am ,  on my Third Tums,  only had water since returning home. ?Could have been the Coating on the Vegetables?