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Harris’s Steak and Seafood

Prime Rib Dinner


Harris’s Steak and Seafood on 124 Glynco Parkway, Brunswick, GA.          
Harris’s is a Hotel Restaurant, so my expectations were on the high end. I like to consider all aspects of location (not geographical but in the social order), typical clientele (as in blue or white collar, after work, after hours, travelers with money to spend on nicer places, and the overall atmosphere (or aura. I reserve this consideration for special reviews. This is not one of them.).

Entering the establishment, the appearance gave me the feel of a higher-end restaurant. I expected prices to be higher and the food to be sparse but excellent in quality. I received a mix that made me want to return for more but not anytime soon.

We were seated right away. I would expect nothing less due to the absence of other customers. It was mid-morning, 0930. Not a high-traffic time of day. Too late for the breakfast bunch and too early for even the early bird luncheoners. More of an early brunch for us, but I digress.  We were given our choice of seats and we chose a booth, two tables away from the kitchen doors and in plain sight of the servers’ perch.  The high table where the servers could rest between, well, servings.

Victoria, the server, was quick to our table. I ordered coffee before I dashed to the ladies’ room. It was clean with conservatively nice décor. The frieze tile trim was a nice touch.

Upon returning to the table, I had a cup of strong, less-than-lukewarm coffee waiting for me. I added a serving-size container of half-and-half and one packet of Splenda, both available at the table. I opened my napkin for the spoon but found only a butter knife and a fork nestled inside. No biggie. I stirred with the fork. I hoped the extra flavor of cream and sweetener would give the cool-instead-of-hot beverage the façade of maybe an iced coffee. It did not.

I did complain, hopefully gently, and the server went to make a fresh pot. Before she walked away she stated that she had just made the pot she served from this morning. I kept to myself this comment. It was 0930. The place opened at 0600. While she could have made it this morning, it could have been in the thermos for over 3-4 hours by now. 

A fresh cup of coffee was served, steaming hot as it should be and a bit weaker but palatable. I added the half-and-half and Splenda. The Splenda in this packet was crystallized. I gave up.

I ordered the Steak and Eggs Specialty breakfast with a side of Breakfast Potatoes. Steak: medium, eggs over medium. Middle of the road would be ok either side of it. The chef presented the prepared slab of beef and asked me to cut into it to make sure it is how I want. It was not. It was medium rare. Hmmm. Did I say medium rare? I used to like it that way but not lately. Maybe I’d expressed my thoughts out loud. I told the chef (I’m only assuming it was a chef although I didn’t want to make an ass out of me, never mind u.) that I wanted it cooked to medium. Not quite so rare. She returned shortly with a steak that looked perfect on the inside and tasted heavenly. Flavor extraordinaire! Succulent! Melt in my mouth delectable.

I noticed I had not been served my potatoes so I asked about them. The server said she did not hear my request for Breakfast Potatoes but made it right as she trotted back to the kitchen and I dug into my meal as I waited. Oh! The eggs were over-medium as I requested. Perfect. Two eggs combined in a circle of white with side-by-side flat sunshine spheres. The Breakfast Potatoes arrived piping hot. Fresh. Crisp. Not over-seasoned; or even seasoned. However, that is how I like my veggies.

Overall score for the meal

                I give the flavor and texture of the food a solid 8/10
                Coffee was a 1/10 at my most generous

Overall score for the service

                I think we may have been a bit demanding. OK. Maybe not so much demanding. You really don’t want to see that part of me. Discerning, I believe, would be a better descriptor. Our server, Victoria, took it all in stride. I could tell she was getting frustrated. With a little more seasoning, I believe she will become exceptional in customer food service.

I know the server was trying but I must give her and her associates a 7/10. Not bad. I have had worse. Considering the server’s age, she has a lot to learn about what people expect when paying for a meal in a nice restaurant. Regarding the person I called the chef, perhaps there was an error in the original order, beings there were other errors, but her product was desirable. I will want to taste more of what comes from her stove. The hostess had a lovely, ready smile once we coaxed it out. So our greeting and our final glimpse added points to the service. I realize they are all under extreme pressure in the restaurant business.

He Said

3.4 Miles from home,  


Breakfast Scramble, , included Sausage Pattie for meat. Decaf Coffee. 


Corned Beef Hash,  Not available

One Normal Waffle, Menue pic showed small plate with two Very small Waffles and Fruit, Didn’t order.


Breakfast Scramble, with barely discernable Sausage, Weak Decaf Coffee, and no spoon to stir coffee with.

The waitress commented,  No one ever asked for a spoon before.

 Asked if had discounts for locals, not staying in the Hotel, Answer was, No


3 / 10