Buffalo Wild Wings


Y’all have been to B-Dubs. Well, many of you have enjoyed their food and services. We always did and still do! I have yet to have a disappointing experience at our local Buffalo Wild Wings.

This trip we took with my Bonus Daughter and massage therapist extraordinaire; Dawn Thomas at Bodywork Specialists, LLC in Orange Park, FL. Shout out to Dawn!

Tuesday is wing day so of course we ordered wings. Naked. Traditional. I also ordered an All-American Burger with Bacon and wedgie fries.

My eyes were bigger than my stomach and a decision had to be made. The wings reheat well on our Pizazz as do the fries, so I opted to devour the All-American. It did not disappoint. Tender, juicy, and done to perfection. Always my go-to meal.

(Side note: Supper was the wings. Popped those puppies and the fries on the Pizazz and they were still great for reheated wings.  I kept enough Asian Zing sauce to freshen them up.

The service at B-Dubs was superb! We drew a novice server. It was his second day on the job and “M” lit the board with his smiling face and impeccable manners. Thank you for giving us a first-class experience.



Buffalo Wild Wings, Brunswick Ga


2 Honey BBq Bird Dawgs and Fries

It was my first experience with the Bird Dawgs,  and I am sensitive to hot food (spicy hot).

Not sure if I received the correct Bird Dawgs,  but it seemed pretty warm to my tasting.

Ate it and don’t think I would order it again