Brunswick, GA

She Said:

I feel like we’ve moved off to chain restaurants lately, but they are local eating establishments, and we can compare the chains to what is offered in our own Mom & Pop restaurants. I have found that many times, the chains just don’t measure up to the home-cooked venues. Not that some aren’t good! Some have specialty items that can’t be copied with any justice, but often the local chefs will take the prize.

Our local Hardee’s has yet to fail me. On this visit, we sat in their now open dining room.

The Hardee’s Super Star has always been a favorite burger for me. It is hard to beat. Thick patty, loaded with fresh veggies. Bacon can be added, which I did request. Always add bacon for me, on most anything!

My order was delivered hot, juicy, and with a little bit of a grilled flavor. The fries were thick and crisp and hot, too. A self-serve soda fountain is always a plus and refills are allowed. I also discovered on this visit that they have jalapeno poppers! The poppers did not disappoint either. Loved them!

The seats and tables were clean. They have had a recent renovation, and they have a panoramic view of the traffic on one of the busier local thoroughfares.

This Hardee’s is located on Hwy 341, aka: New Jesup Highway. Convenience to access to the building depends on which direction you are traveling. Access is easy if you are northbound but tricky if you are headed south. The road is four-laned plus a left-turn lane that fronts Hardee’s and there is no easy access to a traffic light that will send you back to your southward destination. Traffic can be heavy. There is a busy intersection just south of them.  

Another plus about a place like Hardee’s is that I can go through the drive-thru and be on my way. No need to sit and wait and eat there. Just a word or two of advice when ordering through a drive-thru. Always check your order before you drive away.

There are some great burgers made in a few of the exclusively Brunswick area restaurants and I’d like to give a shout-out to Zeig’s and Tipsy McSway’s. Awesome burgers come out of their kitchens. We will be reviewing them at some time on She Said, He Said.

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He Said

I ordered, and added Extra Pickles for the sandwiches.  You have to be so specific and detailed with your orders, it wears me out.

Then when your order is presented, you must inventory the contents of the bag to make sure your order is complete, But THEN!!!!!

If you don’t open the sandwiches to ensure the extra pickles  are there,

the Pickles won’t be there. OR,  Not on both sandwiches.

I really enjoy,  the Hardee’s  Southern Cookin!!!!!  All the Grease and All the Bacon.

I just wish I didn’t have to do so much double  checking, and then actually finding

Short comings on my completed order.